For kitchen use, granite countertops are on the leading side. Granite’s character and the intricate detail boost the distinct beauty of every kitchen. Moreover, this stone is a cost-effective option. If you are currently looking for a new kitchen countertop, then read on this article to know why you have to consider choosing a granite countertop. 

Granite is sturdy 

Due to granite’s practicality and durability, granite is extremely low-maintenance. If you just seal it properly, granite can endure daily wear and tear and scratches for years to come. Granite can’t be harmed by heat as well. Hence, you do not need to panic when you accidentally put a hot pan on your granite countertop without a cover below.  

Granite looks amazing 

Granite is a beautiful material to have. Not to mention, each cut of granite is distinct and one of a kind. Granite selections extend from gray and white to bright colors like blue and red. Moreover, this material comes in extensive types of textures as well and you can always have its shape and size customized. Granite basically looks amazing in almost all kitchens and it can blend and complement the current home decorations easily.  

Helps increase your property value 

Even though you are not considering moving just yet, having granite countertops will definitely come a long way especially when you decide to sell your home. One of the most essential areas in your house is the kitchen because this is where your family and friends gather to eat, catch up, and entertain. Hence prospective homebuyers are always particular when it comes to kitchen features.  

Granite countertop is long-lasting 

This type of countertop can last you for decades given that they are maintained well. One way to guarantee that they last is to secure them from damage putting a sealer on it regularly. Granite sealers can make a barrier to keep the natural stone from soil accumulation, etching, and staining. All you have to do is spray and wipe your counter.  

Granite can be cleaned easily 

Cleaning a granite countertop is a pain-free and quick chore to do. You do not need to worry about dealing with stubborn dirt on hard to reach areas of the countertop or scrubbing grout among the tiles. Due to the smooth finish of the stone, you just have to wipe it using a sponge, microfiber cloth, or a washcloth to eliminate crumbs with just one swipe. It would be best to consider wiping your granite countertops at least once per week using a stone cleaner infused with neutral pH and a damp cloth for maximized shine.  

Although, you need to be vigilant with granite. Even if granite is sturdy, you still have to be particular and pay attention to it when you’re planning to keep up its amazing quality. Look out for spills because these can stain your counters. Spills are inevitable and you only need to wipe them up and your stone counter will be good.